Friday, April 17, 2009

A French Corner in the City

The measure of any restaurant is its cheese cake.
And one place that serves some good cheese cake is French Quarter Bistro on 100 ft road. Despite problems in accessing the bistro due to the bad road, it is worth the trouble.

Once inside this quaint little restaurant, you are least aware of the traffic or time passing as you tuck into some supposedly authentic French food. The ambiance and location are a plus in favor of this cottage like restaurant. The furniture adds to the ambiance.

The menu has a limited variety and it is quite disconcerting that they have started serving Italian food like pasta in a French restaurant. The desserts are awesome, though again with limited variety. The breads we sampled were tough and the FQ chicken was far from tender. The fish needed more spice.

The restaurant is worth one visit. It's worth the visit for the ambiance. Do try the hors de oeuvres and the dessert. If you are vegetarian then you would have a better choice with the entrees.

Tax on the purse: 500 - 700 per head. The hors de oeuvres cost 200 upwards and the same for the main course.

Address: 298, 100 ft road, Indiranagar
bangalore, Karnataka 560038
Phone: 080 42171998
Timings: Open Daily 12pm-11:30pm