Thursday, October 9, 2008

I SCREAM ...for only icecream !!!!

(Featured model....SOME LIKE IT HOT...MANGALORE)

Ice creams are perhaps one of the few foodie things, that produce no aroma, but yet manage to lure us,even when, we have little or (most of the times) no appetite for any food at all.Ask any ice cream lover,and they share a common view.The dessert ,IC to be more precise is the main course,than the grand finale.That's the magic of IC(as i shall call it for matters of conv).

Every noticed people, near an ice cream counter.I often do.Firstly, everybody is busy waiting to check what the other man's err woman's ice cream tastes and looks like.(the grass is always greener on the other side).Right from the moment the order is placed you track the service guy with hawk eyes.People can't take their eyes off the IC tubs and containers.As he flops the dollop of IC over the cup or if you are adventurous,on a cone,you silently say a prayer and wish he could add that teeny miny bit more.

It's requires more than a quick flick of the tongue to do justice to your cone.It's a great inherited skill,to move your tongue and catch the IC just before it drips,down and those who can do all of that and still engage in conversation are gifted indeed.The winner is left standing spotless .

We know it'll be cold and sweet,just the way we want our favourite ice cream to be.Still,most of us often stick to our favourite flavours.A kind of salute to that wonderful flavour that fills our hearts ...our ALREADY FULL stomach and settles all over in the form of fat.SIGH.

The flavour you choose,tells a lot about you.The no fuss simpletons go in for the uncomplicated vanilla,those who believe that life has lost its sweetness and wish to replace it with a ample dose,maybe a strawberry or the sugary sweet tutti fruity,for those who have a kid alive in them,MANGO.CHOCOLATE,for the naughty, bitter sweet ones,for those who wish to indulge in dark pleasures.

This post was actually inspired by a small incident,that happened over the weekend.After one such meal,where you know,you have eaten like prax says,'show me the bed now'.We waited,to choose our grand finale.Just then,a lady who was prob working at the neighbouring construction site came to fed her kids some cold water from the water cooler kept near the entrance.The kids were,all full with cement and looked liked lil white angels.Their eyes were glued to the IC counter and all the goodies that were magically popping up.

"I'll have a strawberry.......and err... a chocolate too please.",I said.
My family was amazed at this huge order.

The little kids were real pros at the cone,though I am sure they don't get much practise,often.

IC NEVER FELT SO GOOD.It surprisingly felt sweet and WARM this time.


--xh-- said...

:-) yeah, @ ice cream counters, every one keeps looking what other one is choosing...

that was a touching experience... :)

i am sure ice cream would have tasted better that day :)

padma said...

heyyy gazal!!!
feel like visiting cherry square fro that some like it HOT!!!! yummmm yummmmmm!!!!!
btw its me who introduced you to mglr - magic ice cream affair!!;-))


Jadu Kumar Saikia said...

yummy. :-)

Prax said...


hey u get this in manglore as well...its called....flaming brownie or something

forgot the exact name...u get it in sizzlers, garuda mall..

Prax said...

oops - i meant u get this in bangalore as well

ghazal said...

I'm just writing cause I can't believe I've finally found someone who shares my name :)

*same pinch*