Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cafe Frescos

This place always reminds me of the song "Strangers in the night" by Frank Sinatra.

Imagine a restaurant in the most romantic place like on a pier or by the bay and this is it.. except it is in the heart of the city. Frescos is, I think, the best patio style restaurant in Bangalore. Located inside Hartworks Boulevard, it is a quiet, romantic place a with stone paved walkway quite reminiscent of an old European Cafe.
Frescos is bangalore-reknowned for its choice of desserts. Considering a whole room is dedicated to showcase them, desserts include dishes as simple as a chocolate rum tart to something as exotic as a multilayered pastry.
Frescoes is a good option for a nice romantic dinner, also for a quiet lunch on a harrassing weekday but a bad idea for a brunch. The menu is quite limited and I would recommend ordering a chicken or fish based dish. The entrees are not very exotic or different from what other continental style restaurants offer but the main course should make up for that.
Tax on the purse: Frescos is a bit expensive. The Entrees range from Rs. 180 to Rs. 360 (approx) and the main course from Rs. 200 onwards. The desserts range anywhere between Rs. 50 and 150.

Hatworks Boulevard, 32, Cunningham Road, Bangalore - 560052.
Phone: 080 41327551/41327555


--xh-- said...

yeah - agre with you.. a very nice plce for a nice dinner.. and desserts - some of the best I have seen @ bangalore...

smrithi rao said...

love it and the whole ambiance ,, can sit there for hours together
the best part they let you sit:)