Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soul Kitchen

Feeling Rebellious?
Need a drink and don't care if the place is dingy and a bit grimy, but you can feast on a great Sunday brunch of bacon and beer? Then Pecos is THE place for you.

Located in a dark corner off Brigade Road this pub is a small two story tribute to Rock Music. With pictures of Doors front man Jim Morisson, Jimi Hendrix and other Rock artists, it is the best place to sit unwind on a friday night with a bunch of your best friends with cold beer and some tacos and chilli beef fry. The music complements the ambience and classic rock songs are played.
The food isn't something to write home about (except the sunday brunch of course) and the beer that is served has been a bit weak lately.

Tax on the purse: The prices are average here. A pitcher of beer costs around Rs. 120.

Address: Pecos, Off Brigade Road, Rest House Road, Bangalore.
Ph: 5586047
Timings:11:30 A.M to 11 P.M


--xh-- said...

do they server other alcohol drinks? or only beer?

Jimmy said...

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Gazal said...

have heard of it...will check it out...

finally some activity...

Prax said...

A follow up on pecos, went there today after almost a year.

@Xh - nope, only beer...which is good coz it keeps the unwanted crowd out (jewellery wearing, rich goonda types)

Yayathy said...

Just another chance to enjoy yourself. Keep going.